algebraic surface 1.0
algebraic geometry in architectural design | cottbus 2009

In the first part of the experimental design and research project at the BTU a simple exhibition pavilion was derived from algebraic surfaces. The aim was to explor manifold novel shapes found in algebraic geometry and their application in architectural design.

These surfaces represent the zero-sets of certain polynomials of varying degrees. They are therefore very structured, coherent and harmonious yet at the same time geometrically and topologically highly complex... read more

The origin of this orientable surface was the A4 surface generated with singsurf (developed by R.Morris 1990-2003). An applet to calculate and visualize singular algebraic curves and surfaces.

The algebraic equation of the a4 surface is: x*z+y^2*z+y*x^2=0






BTU News // Nr. 33 Mai 2011